Wildcat Creek Natural Scenic River in Indiana

North Fork: Greentown Park to Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park

Distance: At 3.7 miles this section takes about 2-3 hours to paddle.

River Features: From the Greentown Park put-in go under the US 35 bridge and head northeast into the reservoir. About 3/4 mile later you will pass under the CR 50 N bridge. In another 1/2 mile the reservoir makes a long, wide left turn until you head almost south into the bigger water of the reservoir. From this point head basically west through the reservoir. In about 1/2 mile you will pass under the CR 600 E bridge, and about 1 mile later you will pass under the CR 500 E bridge. At this point the Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park property begins on the left (south) bank. However, the access point is about 1/4 mile past the bridge and up in a finger of the reservoir on the left.

Hazards: Be aware of motorboats.


Important: The river is constantly changing. Hazards like log jams and tree falls will come and go, so always be ready for them. Riffles will appear and disappear based on water flow levels. Do not attempt boating on this or any river during high water. Please be safe, respectful and responsible on the river.
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