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Davis Ferry Access Site

Location: River access is upstream of Canal Street (9th Street) bridge on the left bank. There is no sign for Davis Ferry, per se, but the Wabash Heritage Trail is clearly marked and shares parking for the put-in.

From Peters Mill Landing, exit to the left; turn right on Eisenhower Road, which crosses over I-65 and turns into CR 350 E; in town, turn right on Greenbush Street; turn right again on State Route 52 (Sagamore Parkway); turn left on Duncan Road; turn sharp left on 9th Street and follow it back out of town; before you reach the bridge over the Wabash River, you will see a gravel road on the left side; this is the entrance to Davis Ferry Park.

Parking: There is parking room on the grass for many vehicles in the area by the Wabash Heritage Trail sign. (There is also room to park vehicles at the turnaround by the boat ramps, but that area tends to get very muddy, and not all vehicles might be able to make it back there.)

Path to River: From the grassy parking area there is a 0.1 carry to the boat ramp on a rutted dirt road that passes under the 9th Street bridge. It is possible to drive down this road to the boat ramp, but be aware that the area can get very muddy, making it hard for some vehicles to make it all the way.

River Access: There is a huge turnaround area by the 2 boat ramps for loading and unloading boats. This area can get very muddy.

The Davis Ferry access point is actually on the Wabash River just a little south of where Wildcat Creek joins the Wabash. The access site is operated by the Tippecanoe County Department of Parks and Recreation.

river access at Davis Ferry Park
river access
river access at Davis Ferry Park
more river access
path to the river at Davis Ferry Park
path to the river


Important: The river is constantly changing. Hazards like log jams and tree falls will come and go, so always be ready for them. Riffles will appear and disappear based on water flow levels. Do not attempt boating on this or any river during high water. Please be safe, respectful and responsible on the river.
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