Wildcat Creek Natural Scenic River in Indiana


Native vegetation in the Wildcat Creek watershed is an upland, mixed hardwood forest in varied stages of succession. Approximately 80% of the land, especially flat uplands, has been converted in agricultural fields; the remaining land is mostly forest.

Silver maple, sycamore, cottonwood, redbud, willow, green and white ash, red oak, American elm and tulip poplar are the most prevalent bottomland forest species. Oaks, beeches, maples, walnuts and white dogwoods are found on the upper ridges of the valley.

The understory is comprised of wild raspberry, bladdernut, mulberry and various other species. Bluebells, dutchman's breeches, hepatica, bloodroot, trillium, spring beauty and violets are examples of wildflowers found on the bands of the creek.


Important: The river is constantly changing. Hazards like log jams and tree falls will come and go, so always be ready for them. Riffles will appear and disappear based on water flow levels. Do not attempt boating on this or any river during high water. Please be safe, respectful and responsible on the river.
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